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What Is a Word Class in English Grammar?

Word Class - Definition and Examples of Word Classes in English

iPlanLessons ($6.99) The app has a database where lessons are related to resources and classes. Classes are linked to related students. Report definitions are also stored. The database has been customized to help you plan your students' lessons and track their progress. FEATURES, FUNCTIONS, BENEFITS: Some high-level features include but are not limited to: ✔ Lesson Definition ✔ Resource Definition ✔ Class Definition ✔ Student Definition ✔ Report Definition ✔ Instructions


Home Based Vocabulary Development

Tip: Home Based Vocabulary Development - Have students bring in items from home that they want to know names of or know more about. You can direct them to bring an item that is related to what you are studying. (If they can't find an object but have an idea, have them sketch it or bring the word written on a card to substitute for the object.) Display the items along a windowsill, whiteboard tray, or wall. For each object create a class definition in their own words, decide on a symbol…


Students in chemistry class learn that the chemical symbol for gold is Au. That symbol is based on aurum, the Latin word for the element. In the 17th century, English speakers coined auriferous by

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What Is a Word Class in English Grammar?

A word class is a set of words that display the same formal properties…

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Chanukah Basics

***NEW Chanukah Basics*** This product is a a great way to teach your students about the Jewish holiday of Chanukah. Whether you create a lap book or use each part separately, your class will enjoy learning about the holiday! contents: *Cover *Chanukah word and riddle cards *Riddle pockets *Chanukah word and definition cards *Definition pockets *Header cards *Chanukah explanation pages- (blank included for kids to write) dreiedel Chanukah menorah gelt donuts and latkes recipes dreidels...