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Pledge... Perfect for our school. We have our students say this daily... And we can place it in their data notebooks and students can refer back to it when needed.


I'm changing my class pledge to this promise from Debbie Miller. Love it every time I read it.

Class Pledge in an adorable Shabby Chic-themed classroom.


First Grade Wow: Lightning Does Strike Twice!


Class Pledge--B.t.S. Book Activities (Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons)


instead of having rules hung up on the wall, make it fun and hang this up. this way it doesn't seem like "rules"....idea for work next year :)

Good for a daily reminder for students


Our Promise To Each Other - Social Contract. To make it official, students put their "I promise" hand print on the poster. Older students could also sign their hand.


Great morning routine to get the children energized and going for the day. I don't see any bad thing about it, but it might be a little long for the children to learn, but could be shorten.