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Think sheet. Have the student fill this out when they have broken a classroom rule or hurt the feelings of another student, have the student reflect on their behavior and then fix the situation. I like this because it lets them think of alternatives rather than just apologizing and moving on. It also is a communication to the parents about behavior!!


:) for logical consequences!! don't like the whole 'just make them miss recess' idea! Logical Consequences in the Classroom. #weareteachers


Consequence Reflection

Consequence Reflection- want to make something like this for when student "chills out" in another seat. after this is a call home. before warning. after call principal.


How to Improve Classroom Management By Doing Less- Logical Consequences Freebie

Logical consequences are a great way to stop negative behaviors in the classroom. Sometimes, I have a hard time coming up with logical consequences for these bad behaviors. This is a great "cheat sheet," for those times I can't come up with something.


Classroom Management Makeover

Blog post with ideas for replacing punishments with things that really work! Plus a free logical consequences cheat sheet! :)