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Morning Routine Activities: Getting Your Students Energized for Learning

Struggling to get your students focused when they arrive for school? Here's several morning routine activities to get them energized for learning!

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Research suggests that the first 5 minutes a student spends in your classroom each morning will set the tone for the entire day of learning… If they come in and have a focused task, it is much easier for them to remain in that mindset of learning through the day. When your students enter …

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Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten: Classroom Management. I'm going to modify for fourth even halfway through the year they still forget all of the steps of the routines.

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Morning Meeting Questions

Every morning, my class begins with a morning meeting. My main goals of morning meeting are to get students to wake up, start talking, build relationships, and

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Taming the Morning Madness

Are your mornings crazy and unpredictable? It's time to settle into a morning routine that sets your students (and you!) up for success!

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Morning Work Tubs

My morning routine is the perfect combination of traditional morning work and morning tub explorations. It's a great way to start the day.

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How to Make Morning Meeting the Best Part of Your Day

Every child, every day, should feel valued and included! Learn how to use Morning Meeting to build your classroom community.

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