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Butterfly Snack Bags - an easy, healthy, and fun classroom snack for your kids. Step-by-step photos. You are limited only in your imagination, but this one is a balanced snack of cheese, crackers, and fruit.


and wrapped juice boxes with eyes to look like mummies to add to it! Preschool Snack, healthy, fruit cups, cheese sticks, Halloween, Fall


Trying to come up with snacks to please 24 Kindergarten students :) today I packed up ziptop bags with a yogurt cup, spoon and box of raisins. My son said everyone loved it - Yay!! :)

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Store-bought Thanksgiving Class Party Snack Ideas

From making stone soup to watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, teachers have their own special Thanksgiving classroom traditions...and the same goes for us room moms! Outside of the classroom feast (last parent to sign up gets stuck bringing the turkey!), we're borderline obsessed with finding the most ingenious and festive use of prepackaged snacks -- you know, those store-bought treats that can most easily be transformed into pilgrims, turkeys, and the like for the class party.