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5x5 ceramic tile, relief carving. This is complex but the idea of mixing op art and clay tiles is interesting.....


Sea turtles, Twins, 4x 5 inches, art tile

Ceramic Sea turtles Twins sculpted tile 4x by MedicineBluffStudio, $38.00 Twins When the baby sea turtles finally reach the ocean it becomes a mad swimming marathon that can’t stop for many hours. It helps to have a good friend by your side to help you get through it. Kinda like life. I designed this piece for those of us who want to show just how important some friends are. I thought this might be a good way to do it.


Inchies are little 1" square works of art. I think they started out as paper art but I have also seen bead embroidery, embossed copper and ceramic


Incredible ceramic pieces...both vessel and wall art. This is a mural detail from a ceramic wall piece by artist Chris Gryder.

I'm going to try this technique for making flat tiles "the easy way." My last tiles were pretty warped! Anybody got any drywall scraps I can have?


John Beasley is the artist. He creates incredible ceramic tiles for Medicine Bluff Studio that you should check out! Here's the link: I've created a number of tile ceramics projects with my students - I'd like to use Mr. Beasley's to inspire another!


ceramic art- how fun would it be to have a class design one tile per student to form one large installment?