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How to Clean Black Sludge in Bathroom Sink Drains

Black sludge can easily build up in the drain of the bathroom sink from mold and mildew development, as well as toothpaste and other particles you rinse down the sink and thereby allow to accumulate in the drain pipe. A moderately easy process, cleaning away the black sludge will take care of the blockage and leave your sink draining properly.

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How To Clean Your Kitchen Sink & Disposal

step-by-step to get your kitchen sink sanitized and gleaming \u2014 without the use of harmful chemicals or cleaners.

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How to Shine a Stainless Steel Sink.  Cleaning my entire house with baking soda in college got me all my deposit back :D

How to Shine a Stainless Steel Sink. Cleaning my entire house with baking soda in college got me all my deposit back :D

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How to Freshen a Smelly Drain

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How to clean your kitchen sink, showerhead, makeup brushes and more

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Unclog your drain with just baking soda and vinegar

My bathroom sink had been clogged for quite an embarrassing amount of time before I decided it was time to put an end to it's antics. I shouldn't have been TOO mad at it, however; I was the one she...

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How to Cure a Smelly Sink Drain

***How To Clean A Smelly Sink Drain ~ is there a weird smell in your kitchen? It could be coming from your sink drain. Read on to learn how to cure a smelly sink drain naturally!

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Use with a little water or vinegar to lift even the most stubborn stains. Unattractive grout, Mold and mildew stains, Burner pans and casserole dishes... Use a few tablespoons of cream of tartar with hot water or hydrogen peroxide and clean any aluminum pans which have discoloration or any rusty drains, pans, or stains. How about a porcelain sink, tub, commode? Rub the porcelain surfaces with cream of tartar and watch the stains disappear.

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Baking Soda and Vinegar Drain Cleaner

Here’s an all-natural way to clean drains: shower drains, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, and more. I tried this on our kitchen sink (after a disgusting “mystery” smell took over, which was coming from the drain – gross!) and it worked great. The kids loved watching so they could hear the “fizz” in the drain after the vinegar mixed with the baking soda.

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