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Easiest way to clean burnt pots - scrub free!

Easiest way to clean a burnt pot - scrub free! "I poured in a generous amount of hydrogen peroxide and sprinkled on a nice pile of baking soda. Then I swirled it around to get it to mix. I let is sit for 6 hours and the burnt residue just dissolved off the pot! I used my kitchen scrub brush to wipe it away."

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You Already Own the 1 Simple Product You Need to Clean Your Burnt Pan

Keeping your house livable and clean is a tricky and sometimes expensive job. From the showers to the sinks, even to the microwave and dishwasher, there are multiple products you seemingly have to buy to keep it all tidy and together. But what if I told

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Here's How To Easily Save A Scorched Pan

To bad several pans are now in the big kitchen in the sky because I did this to them.

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How To Clean Burned Pots and Pans in minutes!

Clean burnt pots and pans in minutes with two simple ingredients you probably already have in your pantry! Natural Living Tips , DIY projects , #DIY Natural Living Tips , DIY projects , #DIY

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The Easiest Way to Clean a Burnt Pot or Pan

All it takes is a few cut up lemons and water. The acid in the lemon and the boiling water get off all the really tough gunk, plus the lemons get rid of any burnt smell and replace it with a sweet citrus scent. Pro cleaners swear by this no-scrub trick!

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How To Clean Burnt Pans

How to clean burnt pans without endless scrubbing even when they are black as black ...

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How To Clean Burnt Pots & Scorched Pans

Hello again ! Today I will show you another tutorial for cleaning Burnt Pots & Scorched Pans. I found this tutorial and I want to share with you. This solution is chemical-free and you can put rubber gloves away. What you need for this solution ? You will need : 1 cup of vinegar, 2 tablespoons of baking…

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29 Clever Kitchen Cleaning Tips Every Clean Freak Needs To Know

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How To Clean A Burnt Pot or Scorched Pan

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