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08-08-16: VIDEO : The Clinton “Body Count” EXPANDS – 5 Mysterious DEATHS in the Last 6 Weeks – TruthFeed


Is there a new Clinton hit list? Wikileaks offers $20K reward for dead DNC staffer who may have blown the whistle ~ The Daily Economist

MSNBC Contributor Sees Sexism in Media Coverage of Hillary Clinton’s ‘Hit List’ by Noah Rothman |January 13

Hillary’s Hit List

The Clintons keep a detailed "favor file" to help them reward political friends and punish enemies.

Insider Democrat ARRESTED For Pedophilia, 2nd One With DIRECT Ties To Obama And Hillary


Is Alex Jones On The Clinton Hit List?: Clintons linked to dozens of suspicious political deaths

Hillary Clinton's Hit List | Pundits and partisans debate gender politics amid a report that Hillary Clinton had an enemies list.

Hillary Clinton. She was the one that got Bill in power and she was the one that rule when he was President. He was told what to do by her. They say she is a b....h.


Hillary’s Hit List

Hillary’s Hit List. The Clintons keep a favor file of saints and sinners, according to this excerpt from HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton. Read more:


Whoops! Look up "Clinton death list" or "Clinton hit list" and let the stats speak for themselves.