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Cape Town

I decided to upload this for those of us who would like to have a piercing. Remember working out while the piercing is healing can lead to the body rejecting it (depending on the type i.e belly piercing).

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e621 all_fours anthro bat bed big_breasts bioluminescence black_pawpads blue_fur bone book breasts butt cat chest_tuft claws clitoris curtains demon dragon feline female food fruit fur glowing grey_hair group hair harem hindpaw hookah horn inside internal jewelry landingzone long_hair long_nails looking_at_viewer mammal markings naote navel necklace nipples nude pawpads paws piercing pillow pose pubes pussy reptile scalie silver_hair snake tuft wide_hips wings yellow_eyes

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Comment: Calling clitoris-piercing female genital mutilation is insulting to all women

Piercing anneau plaqué or rose. Plusieurs dimensions disponibles. Couleur unie or rose.

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Navel ring with dangling red rose with gems, logo navel rings, jeweled navel slave rings, navel ring pain, information on cock rings, clitoris rings

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