This still film shot using 'Extreme close up' and using 'Shallow depth of field' is a very clever technique. Using the reflection of the persons eyes shows the audience what they are looking at, why they are coming across in that way through emotion.

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Watch Edgar Wright's most hyper-dramatic movie close-ups. Cuts from Scott Pilgrim and the Cornetto trilogy. By Jaume R. Lloret

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Quentin Tarantino is the master of the extreme close up and utilizes the technique for a variety of reasons.

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Edgar Wright explores the art of close-ups with David Chen from and Be sure to buy Edgar Wright's newest film, "At World's End" on Blu-Ray and VOD: Thanks for watching! Here are a few more details on the making of this video essay: A few other videos I've ...

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Brian K. Shaw (born March 22, 1966) is a retired American professional basketball player and current head coach for the Denver Nuggets of the National Basketball Association. Description from I searched for this on

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Faces: 105 of Cinema's Most Beautiful Close-Ups by Flavorwire. Background and film list at

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