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Heaven Closer sign. Heaven is a Little Closer in a Home by the Water. Weathered, planked and rubbed wood creates wall art that looks aged from wind, sand and sun for a beach cottage style. Designed in a box style to allow for either wall hanging or sit atop a shelf or table.


Nice screened in area to hang out in. No flys or mosquitos. Awesome . I would definitely built it closer to the house so you can get in and out from that building all thre way to the main home not too smart. just my opinion.


IMPERIAL 11.75-in Dryer Box About $25 from Lowes. Lets you push dryer against wall and also prevents crushed dryer vents


Checklist of what to do when you want to build a home. The steps you should take in the home-building process. -> Print this and keep it with you. As you check off your list, you’ll be that much closer to moving into your new home.

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Nasty Rosie O'Donnell Attacks Barron Trump, Does ONE Really Sick Thing

Rosie O'Donnell hates Donald Trump and has been triggered by his big presidential win, so the classless actress and all around nasty woman decided to go after Trump's son Barron last week. Then, she doubled down in another recent statement. However, while Rosie attacks 10-year-old Barron, she's got far bigger problems closer to home, and you'll be shocked at the one sick thing she did while ignoring her own hypocritical issues.


Want to keep your knives away from the bubs? Maybe you just want them closer to hand. Here's the solution… To help you increase your kitchen storage space, we’ve hand picked these simple kitchen storage ideas. View them all here: Which of these storage solutions do you need for your home?


Blizzard and Google are teaming up to teach AI how to play Starcraft 2. This could either launch an incredible new wave of gaming AI advances, or leave us shivering in our homes, terrified of playing against anyone who isn't human.


This Pinterest-perfect vacation home is closer to reality when you have more money back in your pocket. Refinance your student loans with Earnest: set your exact monthly payment and reduce your total loan debt--then get back to your travels. Click here to take control of your student loans.

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How to Make The Giving Plate

The Giving Plate is the perfect thing to bring friends and family closer together. The love poured in to each shared treat will spread through everyone's home it passes through. Click through to see how to make your own Giving Plate and download our FREE template!