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"Hannibal does not see himself as a psychopath, of course. And I don't, either. I don't think he's a psychopath. He's much...more than that.The closest I can come to a definition is that he's the fallen angel. He's satan."-Mads Mikkelsen on his character Hannibal Lecter in NBC's Hannibal

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I know this doesn't quite fit with the "things worth fighting for" theme, but it's the best place I have for it. I'm not trying to force it on anyone, believe me.

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Bright Green Ballet Shoes: Pointe Shoe FAQs and National Dance Week

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This Is ME
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Bolivia’s Salt Flats Are the Closest You’ll Get to Heaven on Earth
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INFJs can sense your true intentions.

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okay, don't get me wrong, i love Sirius and the fatherly role he has in Harry's life but I'm so sick of people saying he's the closest thing Harry had to a father. what about Hagrid and Arthur Weasly? they were just as much parent-like as Sirius was.

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