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If Lost, Please Return To The Closest Bookstore or Library | Women's T-Shirt

If Lost, Please Return To The Closest Bookstore or Library by Jeditwins

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The Underground Library

The Underground Library on Vimeo New Yorkers will be given a free digital book sample to read on their way to work. Once finished they will be informed of the closest libraries so they could finish their story.

Molecular Gastronomy and More: Modernist Cuisine, Volume 1 - Eating Our Words. I own the series of books and am amazed every time I delve into them. So much information to try to absorb. To find the closest library that has a copy go to...


A Subway Library

A subway library prototype - scan a "book" to get a 10-page preview and at the end, it tells you the closest library where it's available!

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Genealogist’s Best Tool: the LIBRARY

The local public library or the local genealogy library can offer family researchers clues and solutions to many unanswered questions. You will want to contact your own local library, but also a library closest to the family you are researching. Librarians are free experts.  Use your librarians to help you break through your brick walls. I recommend you don’t suffer ... Read More The post Genealogist’s Best Tool: the LIBRARY appeared first o

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18 Places In London To Read Your Favourite Book

A trio of students from the Miami Ad School—Max Pilwat, Keri Tan and Ferdi Rodriguez—have came up with an innovative concept that allows people to read the first ten pages of popular books while riding the subway. Using near field communications (NFC) technology, commuters select the desired book from a list of popular titles and read its first ten pages—upon finishing, the reader will be informed of the closest library location from which they can pick up and read the rest of the book.


A Subway Library

"The Subway Library” - the idea is brilliantly simple: posters with book titles and scannable barcodes are placed in subway cars where riders scan a book they are interested in (using Near Field Communication) and immediately get a ten-page preview. At the end of the preview, readers are prompted with the location of the closest library where the book is available.

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50 Free Attractions in Washington, DC

Library of Congress101 Independence Ave, SE, Washington, DC The closest metro station to the Library of Congress is Capitol South. 8:30-5:30 pm

When reading a book, people sometime grab the closest thing at hand to use as a bookmark. It can be a valentine, a postcard, a photograph, a razor blade, or an advertisement for a 'complete anatomical manikin.' Michael Popek presents these lost items in 'Forgotten Bookmarks' and allows them to tell their own mysterious, humorous, and somewhat haunting stories.