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Clothes Dehumidifier

C-hanger is a hanger-type dehumidifier with deodorization and Sterilization function that manages not only clothes but also closet.

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Chalk Dehumidifier

Tie sticks of chalk in a pretty ribbon and hang in your closet as a dehumidifier to help protect against mold and mildew.

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A bundle of chalk hung in a closet will absorb extra moisture and keep clothing fresh and dry, and takes up much less room than an electric dehumidifier. Mount a hook in the closet, out of the way of clothes or linens. Fasten a rubber band around a dozen pieces of chalk, and cover band with ribbon, allowing enough loop to hang chalk

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Free shipping cleaning machine home silent dry clothes drying machine basement moisture absorption device Dehumidifiers //Price: $US $399.60 & FREE Shipping // #clknetwork

Life Tips of the Week #105

Hang a bundle of chalk inside your closet as a dehumidifier. It will absorb the moisture in the closet, making your clothes fresh and dry.

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'The Rota' is a dehumidifier that can be used in two different ways, its not just a household appliance to make a pleasant climate but it comes with swiveling racks to hang and quick dry clothes... READ MORE at Yanko Design !

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Damp Rid Hanging Moisture Absorber, 3pk

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How to Get Rid of Musty Smell in Basement A musty odor in your basement can spread and start to affect other areas of your home. Furniture, clothes, documents, carpets and more can absorb and retain a musty smell, making it unpleasant and even unbearable to stay in your home. #basement #clean air #damp #dehumidifier #Mold #musty #Odor

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