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What women should pack when travelling to India

What women should pack for India-planning for our India trip either this summer or the next.

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What to Wear in India: Fashion Tips for Female Tourists

Deciding what to wear is one of the first issues that women face when planning a trip to India. This is probably the first country that I really made an effort to plan what I needed to bring for the trip since I didn't want to be disrespectful during my visit. I recently got back from a month in India and would love to share to fellow female travellers some useful advice. If you're planning to visit India, here are some travel tips on what to wear in India

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Do's and Don'ts of How to Dress in India

Before I left for India, before I knew about travel blogging, I asked around: “Does anyone know someone who backpacked India? I have so many questions! I don’t know how to dress.”******** India is conservative, but there are so many different style icons and types of fashion here just like anywhere else, and not all popular styles keep the woman covered up like you would imagine.

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The Guide to Indian Clothing

this diagram shows the many ways one can wear a sari. different ways of wearing a sari are connected with a different region of india.

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7 tips for women travelling in India

India is a mystical and wonderful place to travel and is a whole new world. However, if you're travelling as a woman to this destination you need to know how to act and what to dress. Here are 7 tips that will help you stay safe and enjoy your trip to India.


Must-Haves for Women The majority of India is hot, humid, humid and hot. When I was there in April I had to deal with 36° Celsius (96,8° F). You should take clothes with you that…