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Pakistani couture by republic women's wear

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" Everybody keep on saying I'm too young to be falling in love " by mindlesspolyvore ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Michael Kors, Marc by Marc Jacobs and NIKE

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I'm in love with this fit ! Follow Me For More : @kiingdae

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Do's and Don'ts of How to Dress in India

Before I left for India, before I knew about travel blogging, I asked around: u201cDoes anyone know someone who backpacked India? I have so many questions! I donu2019t know how to dress.u201d******** India is conservative, but there are so many different style icons and types of fashion here just like anywhere else, and not all popular styles keep the woman covered up like you would imagine.

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Indian steampunk "This is pretty subtle in its steampunkery (read: no extranneous metal bits), but I was just trying to bring in a few western/Victorian elements to traditional Indian clothing- legomuttoned sleeves, the double breasted, collared choli, and adapting the churidar into buttoned spats."

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Ask Allie: What to Wear to India

I am headed on a 2-week trip to India. I want to be comfortable sightseeing and spending lots of time on trains and planes, but still stylish. Any ideas for a capsule wardrobe for keeping cool, covered up, and stylish? I am glad you are asking this. While many first think of the temperature when …

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The Guide to Indian Clothing

this diagram shows the many ways one can wear a sari. different ways of wearing a sari are connected with a different region of india.

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French "Elle" on location in India fall 1966, with Swedish Models Maude Adams & Gunnel Pearson & Kecia Nyman/Jaipur India. Photo Norman Parkinson

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