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How Has Cloud Computing Changed Business? [INFOGRAPHIC]

We have long been advocates of moving IRIS business software and operations into the cloud. But how does the cloud affected company bottom lines and has it really made operations 'greener'?


Cloud Computing For The Enterprise: It's About Service

Before migrating to cloud computing it is necessary to understand what kind of service is needed and how this need may be really useful in deployment. It seems that a company is not to discover that the Earth is round and Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing Advantages

Infographic: Everything you should do before you travel abroad

Here's everything you should do before you travel abroad


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having Business Intelligence On The Cloud:: Cloud computing application is an emerging computing technology that uses the internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications. The impact of cloud computing is broad and deep, it is the sort of technology that companies will need to either embrace or be run over by. Some of ..


This Blog is originally posted on Cooperative Computing.It has been said and proven that cloud computing has shown a significant amount of efficiency and cost advantages in recent years. According to Recent study by Cloud Computing firms in Texas shows an average of 95 percent emission reductions per transactions for companies who have shifted to using cloud solutions. There are many reasons to why cloud computing is much more energy efficient than having an in-house data center.