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Capturing the turbulent beauty of 'Storms'

Capturing the turbulent beauty of 'Storms' – CNN Photos - Blogs

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Professional storm chaser

Professional storm chaser Jim Reed has been photographing severe weather for more than 20 years.

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Scaring, misleading, lying, brainwashing since day one. ...FOX: TELLING the TRUTH day in & day out!!!; and sumtimes the Truth Hurts, so ppl look away and hide their head in the sand...or watch the Real Propaganda Machines such as NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NPR!!!!

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Professional storm chaser

An electrical storm fires over Gillette, Wyoming, on June 15, 2003. (Jim Reed) - Professional storm chaser – CNN Photos - Blogs

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Finding beauty in violent storms

Camille Seaman is known for her dramatic images of icebergs that reveal the beauty of these ancient yet threatened objects. She recently turned her attention to a different natural phenomenon, weather, and applied the same fine-art aesthetic to capture its power and brilliance.

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CNN debuts new weather center with chroma key floor - NewscastStudio

January 15th: 70 Nations Will Gather In Paris To Discuss The Future Of I... JAN 4 2017

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I try to keep in touch will all my friends..... however there are times... I have not heard from them.. and then I realize that they (really) may have not been a friend at all. Have you ever been in a "one sided" friendship? Don't know, well if you are always the one that's calling, or the one that's making the effort ... then you are in a onesided relationship (be it with your Mom, Dad, lover, etc.).

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