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Hilarious Group Co-Worker Leaving Card*


Survival Kit for co-worker who is leaving for a new job. Going away gift.I combined this with the going away one and the owl one and threw in some bubbles for the it blows that you're leaving. Everyone loved it!


We do these all the time! A Signature and Autograph Picture Mat, framed, a great idea for Weddings, Baby Showers, Reunions, Co Workers and Bosses leaving, a great good bye gift.‪#‎lowryframer‬


My best idea yet! So we needed to do something nice for a co- worker that was leaving the company after 20 plus years. Just buying her flowers wasn't enough we need something meaningful so....we bought 2 dozen yellow roses and a vase. We placed the vase on her desk throughout the day she received a single flower from each coworker with a hand written note attached to it. Awesome turn out!! Great idea for a touching goodbye!!