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7 Benefits And 5 Side Effects Of Coca Tea

Did you know coca tea can treat your altitude sickness? This herbal tea along with its many benefits has side effects too. Discover everything about coca leaf tea

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Peru Food and Travel Guide: Cusco

Favorite places to eat/shop/see in Cusco (Warning: likely contains far too much information.)


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Coca tea also known as Mate de Coca is rich in protein and vitamins and is used to prevent altitude sickness,headaches, hunger and fatigue.

John Pemberton, confederate Civil War veteran and inventor of Coca-Cola Pemberton, after being injured in the Battle of Columbus, was addicted to morphine-like so many veterans of his time. He became a pharmacist, in part, to experiment with a cure. He called the resulting product “Pemberton’s French Wine Coca”. But with the temperance movement in full swing, Pemberton created a non-alcoholic version of his concoction, named in 1885 by Frank Mason Robinson: