Coconut oil capsules are becoming increasingly popular among those that have a desire to optimize their health.

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Coconut oil lotion - 1 cup coconut oil; 1 tsp vitamin E (can just use capsules) Mix with electric mixer for 7 min and Done! For those of us tired of paying for things we can make at home even better. It's fun and creative.

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Turmeric: Dosage & Method How: always with some fat or oil as it is lipophilic (oil soluble). I use coconut oil. How much: For adults the official recommendation is up to 1.5 g. daily which will be about one very slightly rounded teaspoon which can be divided over two to three doses daily. Therapeutic doses are considered to [...]

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Coconut Oil and Cannabis Capsule – A Medical Miracle? Medical marijuana capsules infused in coconut oil are an alternative way to therapeutically use cannabis without having to inhale it through smoking. Infusing cannabis into coconut oil also allows for easy entry into the liver where it can be rapidly processed.

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Suggested dosage coconut oil for dogs Another pinner states: Some pet boutiques and on-line sell coconut flakes especially for dogs. As a professional groomer, I see a difference in the pets coat, skin. If you use the oil, I still would start out with half of the recommended dosage, for about two weeks, then to the recommended. It is natural and good for us too.

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Coconut Oil Lotion Recipe, such a simple and yet effective recipe. You only need 2 ingredients!

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