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Are You Codependent?

Codependency is a relationship pattern that hurts because we give at our own expense instead of setting healthy boundaries. Read more about what codependency is and how to heal it.

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How To Start Setting Boundaries

Learning how to heal your codependency starts with specific tasks to keep you on the path of recovery.

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What Anger is Trying to Tell You

Don't run away from your anger, it's trying to tell you something - a line is crossed, a boundary needs to be set, a truth be told, etc. Whether you struggle with codependency, addiction, or a childhood fear of anger, you can unlearn unhealthy patterns of anger and transform them into healthy self-care.

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The Power of Saying No

Saying no is a big step for people struggling with codependency. It's important for self-care and helps avoid resentments.

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Detachment for Surviving Addiction

Sometimes we all need space away from people that can be difficult and think there saints. It's time to see the light.

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25 Addiction Recovery Tips and Quotes Everything real comforting true relaxing creative soothing honest...everything thats part of me.

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"Are your identity, value and purpose dependent on the approval of someone else? Learn how to lose codependency and win your independence."

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Are You Codependent?

There is no single definition of codependency. It looks a little different on everyone. People pleasing, poor boundaries, attracting problems and helping too much are common. Putting the focus back on you and letting go of what the alcoholic does is the start of 12 step recovery.

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How To Start Setting Boundaries

Learning how to set boundaries isn't difficult. There are simple steps that will help you get started like redirecting your image to read more.

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