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2 cycles of 50/50 water & vinegar mixture. Wash the pot in soapy water. 2 cycles of just water, use fresh water each time.

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How to clean your stainless coffee pot - the easy way with NO scrubbing!

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Coffee pot running slow? Clean it! Brew 2 cups of white vinegar in your coffee pot - run it through 2 times. The white vinegar will dissolve any mineral buildup and get your coffee pot working like new. One the vinegar has run through, run a 10-12 cup cycle of cold water through the machine at least 2 times. I run it until I can't smell vinegar :). That's it! Wipe the outside of the machine and allow it to air dry. #cleanmamaquicktips #coffee #clean

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The Most Effective Way to Clean Your Keurig

Everyone complained about their "nasty keurigs" and got rid of them. I guess they didn't realize it wasn't a self-cleansing coffee-pot....Here's some tips for cleaning that bad boy...

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The Easiest Way to Clean Your Coffee Maker!

Cleaning Coffee Machine

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How to Clean a Coffee Pot (Carafe) at Home Ever After. Click the picture for the tutorial. #HomeEverAfter

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20 Surprising Uses for Cream of Tartar

It can be used as a stain remover or kitchen cleaner; it removes scratched dishes and coffee pot even deters ants! Baking is just the tip of the iceberg...

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Coffee Pot Cleaning Tips & Home Remedies For Sparkling Carafes

I've gathered coffee pot cleaning tips and home remedies from readers and around the web to help you keep those carafes sparkling clean and remove coffee stains and hard water build up from them.

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How to remove coffee stains (new and old) from carpet.

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Your coffee maker should be cleaned once a month to prevent bacteria, mold and mildew. Fill the pot a quarter of the way full and add 1/4 cup baking soda. Stir untill the soda dissolves and run the solution through your coffee maker. Next, run another cycle with a full pot of fresh water. Your coffee maker will be good as new! #cleaning #coffee #mildew #lifehacks #lifeprotips #kitchen #whoknew #whoknewtips

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