Frugal Ways to Build a Cold Frame --For many of us that live in the cooler temperature regions, we tend to think by this time of year, growing vegetables is hopeless. This is not really true if you make a cold frame

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How to Build a Cold Frame - Protect your plants from frost with this inexpensive, easy-to-make cold frame.

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Use cold frames to grow vegetables in your garden during the fall, winter, and spring while the weather is still cold.

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Cold frames offer a simple way to protect plants from frost, but take care to vent these season extension devices to avoid overheating your plants on sunny days.

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Building a garden cold frame is a great additional to your garden. Cold frames allow you to extend your garden season all the way through the winter!

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What an awesome trick! The secret to turning your raised garden bed into a cold frame---just in time for winter.

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