Freezing temperatures can be miserable this time of year, but Angela Kelly has used it to capture a spectacular phenomenon on film. The Washington-based photographer and her young son brave the cold with a bubble wand and a camera to take pictures of bubbles freezing in a matter of seconds. The images below show the final freeze, but a GIF near the bottom shows the entire process. Kelly explains the experience: "We blew the bubbles across the top of our frozen patio table and also upon the…

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Landscapes - gif - Valentine / GifMovie -

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Fear clutched at Melanie's heart as Astra's head drooped lower and lower, her eyes unfocused and her movements sluggish and infrequent. "Astra," she yelled, jerking her body so that it hit the Valkyrie's. Astra's head snapped up and she looked around dazedly. "Huh?" she murmured, "Keep kicking!" Melanie commanded, using her most forceful tone. "I order you to keep kicking." The years of training ingrained into Astra paid off as she automatically nodded and the pace of her kicks quickened.

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Winter Swan Lake love winter animated snow lake cold gif ice swans swan lake

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Ice Breath - Power to exhale ice/cold and release it in various forms from the mouth.

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mobile9 Forum > Fire And Water. Collection Of Screensavers From Akela73

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Charlie woke to a cold, heavy weight around his neck. Sluggishly, he lifted his hands (something was missing) and touched it, following the metal around the circumference of his neck. It took him a minute (too long) to put a name to the object, but once the word "collar" filtered through his mind, he began to panic, digging with his fingers and pulling until his neck and fingertips bled. "No, no," came a sweet voice. "Don't do that, you'll only hurt yourself."

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Finn was in a horrible accident that's left the 8 year old sick, severely injured and terrified. His older brother is gone for the day, working to pay the medical bill. Your character comes across Finn and tries to get him to talk, something he is scared of doing.

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