I don't always move back to Oklahoma, but when I do, the largest earthquake in the state's recorded history occurs 9 months after my arrival. Looking at you China. My take- Using weather 'manipulation' is China's super-special way of sending Cold War 'signs' to the US, Canada, Europe, ect. Headline: Oklahoma Just Experienced It's Largest Earthquake on Record livescience.com/56019-oklahoma-largest-earthquake-on-record.html

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America under communism, posters de la guerra fría. Catechetical Guild Educational Society of St. Paul, Minnesota,1947

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Stop Communism! [Unknown, Year Unknown] Rightly or wrongly, the West perceived nationalist movements in many countries and regions around the world to be allied with communist groups and supported by the Soviet Union. The most notable of such movements appeared in Guatemala, Iran, the Philippines and Indochina. This poster shows a Soviet-backed, machete-armed aggressor trying to exert influence in the Philippines.

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Cold War Propaganda.....when you compare the two, it seems the us gov smothered us with prop way worse than moscow...besides, is this pamphlet "informative"? stop, drop, roll, and then reasemble your disintegrated corpse?

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