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from Mad World News

Colin Kaepernick’s Mom Has Had Enough, Bluntly Puts Him In His Place

Colin Kaepernick, a football player for the San Francisco 49ers, recently divided the nation after he disrespectfully refused to stand up for the national anthem. Many have given him a piece of their mind. Now, his fed-up mother, who was completely embarrassed by his actions, decided to take a stand of her own, bluntly putting her child in his place.

from Mad World News

After Double Amputee Vet Puts Kaepernick In His Place, BLM Delivers Nasty Surprise

The internet is on fire after NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick put his American-hating antics on full display for the nation to see. In response, one Marine decided to teach the NFL player a little lesson on respect, reminding him why he has the Constitutional right to be a jackass in the first place. That's all it took for Kaepernick's Black Lives Matter fanbase to deliver a nasty surprise to the American hero.


President Obama Says Colin Kaepernick Is ‘Exercising' Rights by Protesting