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Collateral Damage Film

Collateral Damage (2002)

I was a huge Arny fan at one point, didn't matter the film. But this is a pretty good action flick.


Collateral Damage is yet another Arnold Schwarzenegger movie filled with action. Worth a watch


Collateral Damage [Blu-ray] [2002] [Region Free] A really good Arnie movie full of action and cheesiness 4****

Arnold SCHWARZENEGGER (b. 1947) [] Notable Films: The Terminator (84); Terminator 2 (91); Terminator 3 (03); Pumping Iron (77); Conan the Barbarian (82); Commando (85); Predator (87); The Running Man (87); Twins (88); Kindergarten Cop (90); Total Recall (90); Last Action Hero (93); Junior (94); True Lies (94); Eraser (96); Jingle All the Way (96); Batman & Robin (97); End of Days (99); The 6th Day (00) Collateral Damage (02); The Expendables (10); The Expendables 2 (12); The Expendables 3…


Collateral Damage (Hannibal Jones Mysteries) by Austin S. Camacho,

"Mila" - CG Animated Short film - Collateral Damage of War - Through the Eyes of a Child | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!

Fun And Entertainment Are Collateral Damage In 'Batman V Superman'

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