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Flickr user chrisinplymouth‘s wonderful collection of doorlocks and letters. See also his collections of emergency onlys, chocolate money, and remote controls. (via modcult)

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Still Life Photography by Jim Golden

Portland – based photographer Jim Golden started a series of still life photographs featuring colossal collections of everyday objects. The series is a massive visual delight making each viewer notice the minute details of every object in the photographs.

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Shot by Albert Renger-Patzsch, c1930 In photography one should surely proceed from essence of the object and attempt to represent it with photographic terms alone." Albert Renger-Patzsch

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Masao Yamamoto carries his photographs around with him for weeks allowing them to become aged and so appear loved.

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Catherine Losing and Anna Lomax for an article on the commercialisation and development of modern prosthetics. Commissioned by The Wellcome Collection’s magazine, Mosaic. Photography - Catherine Losing Commissioned by - Mosaic Set Design - Anna Lomax Retouching - The Forge Model - Siobhan @ Hired Hands

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friday finds. (sfgirlbybay) Click and learn. Tricks with only a camera! I need learn photography professional photographer !! Tricks with only a camera! Click and receive.

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Things Come Apart by Todd McLellan - in pictures

Canadian photography Todd McLellan takes everyday objects aparts, organizes the pieces in artful arrangements, and then photographs them.

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"Found in Nature" - By Rosenthal. A collection of litter transformed into minimalist works of art.

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Beautiful Portrait Photography by Daniele Pomposiello #inspiration #photography

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