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Da un toque estilo vintage a las fotos, queda muy lindo en fotos con color café, gris, da un toque muy lindo a fotos que tengan también el verde y blanco. El filtro es gratis y la app es VSCO! • Comenta tu edad al revés ☕️ Les dejo el antes y después del filtro en


Make interesting photo filters using Sharpie markers and the lid on top of a can of Pringles. This is an extremely easy, 30-second DIY project.


••• free filter❕super nice & colorful filter. It's great for everything & for like a summer theme as well. also this is easy to match — coment any 3 emojis if you like this filter


Instagram media by vscofiltrs - #filtrsHB1 free filter❕this works on almost all pics but it looks best on greyish pictures (aka with less color), it's also good for a feed — get all the paid filters for free with the link in my bio!! dm me if you have any questions


free filter❕ this is a really vibrant and colorful filter and it's really cool for a feed, also it works on most pics — I changed my @ but I'm not sure if I like it or not so I'll probably end up changing it like 100 times, bare with me or comment some suggestions maybeee?? :-)


55 Filters in 52 Weeks: Week 2 - The Bi-Color Filter (Color Efex Pro 4). The Bi-Color Filters simulate traditional glass bi-color filters by blending two colors and then adding the result to the image.


(bella)| Faded/colorful filter ☁️| Looks best with beach photos ‼️| Click the link in my bio to get free vsco filters! ❤️| Like this for more tutorials. | Dm us with any suggestions.


Rosco Gels Turn The Mythical Into Magical! - Lighting designer Zach Burgess describes how he was able to use Roscolux color filters to bring the magical world of Narnia to life for a production of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.”