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If you have cramps from stretching, put a heating pad on it, heat makes your muscles easier to stretch so you won't get cramps as much

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Bobby Pins in a tic tac container, done! Just have to finish more tic tacs to put others in my purse/car/locker, etc.

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Use a gum container to hold bobby pins. Can open at the top or use the little slot in the side. Great idea for drill team/colorguard performers.

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rifle warm up/strength exercise.. mostly pinned it because of what he says at the end. "So, how many should you could start with ten four counts, then go to ten six counts...or until your arms fall off, that's usually best"

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I ask my girls to do 100 drops spins then current work and they want to kill me. I would have to leave the building if I told them to do this every practice.

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