Possible palette for storm at sea quilt

Urban Threads Lookbook - Vol 1 Issue 6

Subtle and bright at the same time, you can find beauty in a super saturated background and a soft matching ombre in this Fading Light color inspiration.

COLORS Our Early Autumn Color Palette: Lavender & Yellow. We will remember Summer (yellow) and we will sweetly get into fall's mood!

Inspiration Gallery: Lavender and Lilac Walls

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Creative Color Palettes

Build Your Brand: 20 Unique and Memorable Color Palettes to Inspire You – Design School A touch less red in the coral and THIS is my perfect pallet, what I've been trying to develop for months now :)

Pantone 2016 is declared: color of the year is... Rose Quartz and Serenity | ITALIANBARK

Pantone 2016 is declared: color of the year is… Rose Quartz and Serenity

A daily dose of fashion discoveries and inspirations, contributed by a stylist and a designer who both see the world through rose-colored shades.

Create a bold and invigorating space with colors inspired by this vibrant  abstract painting.   Inspiration Image: Confetti by Christine Soccio 1. Driftwood Side Table from Crate & Barrel 2. Clinton Fredman Wall Art from West Elm 3. Nixon Loveseat from Thrive Home Furnishings 4. Keys Rug

Color Inspiration: Vibrant Artwork

Something perfect for a statement piece in a gray/blue living room with some statement pieces of furniture.great for accent colors in the living room

Hubble Telescope Images When I was hunting around for color this week, I kept finding myself drawn to muted pastel palettes like this one, but then I landed on the HubbleSite… The NASA site for all things Hubble Space Telescope-related is really interesting (because, space…) but also surprisingly pretty and engaging. They have a print...Read More »

Hubble Telescope Image - Color Inspiration

A pillar of gas in the Carina Nebula is bathed in the light of hot, massive stars. Radiation and fast winds from the stars sculpt the pillar and cause new star formation within it.

Travel inspired yarn color choices: Crochet, Take Me Away to...Travel Inspiration: Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland (taken with infrared camera), via PinReach    (Yarn: SMC Northern Chunky in Cool Aqua, Tropical Teal, Majestic Mauve, Exotic Purple, and Smoke Grey | crochet today)color combination

32 Photos That Will Make Your Stomach Drop

Fairy Pools Isle, Skye in Scotland. Can you imagine a place called Fairy Pools Isle? It's like a fantasy waiting to be written.