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Arificial light sources, correlate Color Temperature (Kelvin) of #LIght - Simulated with Autodesk 3d studio Max Design by Luca Rostellato #Photorealistic simulation of #light:


COLOR TEMPERATURE Refers to our sense of warm or cool colors. For example, red is warm in temperature because it refers to blood, fire, and the sun; blue is cold in temperature because of its reference to water, ice, and the sky. Each primary and secondary hue also has a cool or warm aspect; for example, red is cooled when blue is added, creating red-violet.


led color temperature chart and information | I am interested in dimmable LED lighting for the bathroom that is close to daylight, but comfortable, roughly 4,000 - 5,000 Kelvin


Item #: CV-DE-40014 400 W 14000 K Description: Coralvue® metal halide bulbs feature the highest color quality for aquarium lighting. The Coralvue® bulbs have a great combination in color balance and color temperature. The appearance of sun light is replicated perfectly by the Coralvue® bulbs, which make for ideal lighting for your corals and fish. The Coralvue® bulbs are available in many sizes and color temperatures. The HQI bulbs are available in 150W, 250W, and 400W. We offer three…

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5 Essential Infographics For The Beginner Photographer

Do you leave your camera on AWB (auto white balance)? Most of us do. I myself am guilty of it at times as well. You ask why not? AWB does ok most of the time, and besides if I'm shooting in RAW I can fix it in post. While this is true with white balance…