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From iRobot, the company that brought you Roomba, and a munitions company called Metal Storm, comes FireStorm, one of a series of next generation ground-based combat robots that will make Johnny 5 a thing of reality.

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MicroFlyer, a Microelectronic Aerial Vehicle ( MAV ) over 20-years ago was upgraded with micro-robotic aerial flying insects ( mosquitoes, preying mantis, etc. ), bats, birds and ground-based small reptiles ( scorpions, crabs, snakes, etc. ) used on today's 21st century warfighter battlefields. Report:

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Japan’s first combat robot… I knew this day was coming! Run

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Combat Armour rendered by Theodoric Sacron in KeyShot. Via:,7831.0.html Aweosme scifi armour I plan to take inspiration from when creating a larger enemy in my game

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Keith Thompson - Assault Doll

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Sort of more realistic and intimidating armor than Halo USNC soldiers (or a sick paintball mask lol)

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