COMING OUT - THE OFFICIAL SONG - YouTube By Ally Hills! This totally how I will come out to someone once I'm ready.

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As I mentioned earlier, the shadows are coming out to play right now. Heavily. For all beings. If you read my last couple of posts you can receive a larger overview of why, but basically with the past full moon on a portal day and the eclipse period coming up in March along with the big energy portals, the energies are already causing immense action to take place in our individual worlds in relation to cleansing and making peace with anything that is not heart centered, not in flow, not in a…

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"Coming Out - One day we won't come out. We will just say we are in love and that will be all that matters."

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Coming out using chemistry… As a bisexual chemistry lover,I bloody absolutely love this. Science side of Tumblr=life. (I tried to pin this from Lizzy the Lezzy's page but I couldn't find it even though I saw this on her page last time?)

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BuzzFeed LGBT: Feb. 22, 2015 - Fifteen text messages that ease the anxiety of coming out as gay, bisexual

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This unreal plot twist: | 15 Coming Out Text Messages That Will Give You Life

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