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29 Times Tumblr Completely Got What It Means To Be British

When British people completely shut down quirky Anglophiles. | 29 Times Tumblr Completely Got What It Means To Be British <<< I'm British and I feel Americans are cute with their weird words but I'm also kinda confused at the same time idk

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Ukrainian politicians tossed into trash funny pics, funny gifs, funny videos, funny memes, funny jokes. LOL Pics app is for iOS, Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Tablet

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A reckless, petty man wants to engage in another nuclear arms race...what could go wrong?

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This is how wars get started…

Don't play like you're some kind of authority.

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Don the Con Trump. And y3s Donnie will find a way to be more childish, immature and an embarrassment to the United States of America.

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Honestly idk what to do with this info or why it's funny but it is. So I'm pinning it.

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The second to last one happened to me before too??? Do I know that tumblr user or are there more people out there who deal with people who think pb is a meat

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Redistribution isn't cool...especially when it comes to cookies!

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Joe Biden Memes Are The Best Thing To Come Out Of This Election – 33 Pics

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