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who knows me the best? comment what you think! xx<3 first to get 5 right gets a follow!!

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Totally random, but I need a fresh playlist to listen to right now :)

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Saddest story in 4 words. Please welcome President Trump... (If you're going to comment, please have a sense of humor. I…

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What song do I remind you of? Please comment! :) it can be more than one, and not just one d or 5sauce

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What am I?

"What am I?" by presshandstand12 ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring interior, interiors, interior design, home, home decor and interior decorating

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Tell Me , What Colours Will You Give Me? ~AJ;Twins;Rhys;Kelli;Aurora

PURPLE is at the BOTTOM of the page which means Ur'e sweet well guess what it should mean I LOVE U if u r with me u will comment U BETTER COMMENT

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I feel like i post these and everyone repins and then doesn't comment, so if you repin, please comment.

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AUTHENTIC rainbow loakiBoutique

AUTHENTIC rainbow loaki Limited edition rainbow lokai bracelet If it does not have a SOLD banner it is AVAILABLE. I don't respond to price comments please use the offer button ❌I DONT TRADE PLEASE DONT ASK❌ Lokai Jewelry Bracelets

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