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Two festival revellers roll in the mud after they took part in a tomato fight at the Glastonbury Festival 2016 at Worthy Farm, Pilton on June 25, 2016 near Glastonbury, England.

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Best photos of the day: BFI festival to Bolivia pageants

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[기고] 시카고에 펼쳐진 노란 우산 –  “끝까지 세월호 유가족들의 옆에 있을 것이다” 세월호를 잊지않는 시카고 사람들의 모임 세월호를 잊지않는 시카고 사람들의 모임 시카고 9월 24일의 하늘은 티 한 점 없었고 바람은 시원했다. 오후 3시, 시카고를 상징하는 다운타운 밀레니엄 공원(Millennium Park, The Big Bean) 앞…

성주 군민, ‘사드는 한반도 어디에도 안된다’  Wycliff Luke   사드 배치 예정지인 경북 성주 군민들의 저항이 예상 외로 거세다. 성주 군민들은 13일 현재 32일째 성주 군청 앞마당에서 사드 배치 반대 촛불집회를 이어 나가고 있다. 한국 정부는 성주 군민의 반발을 의식해 제3의 부지를 언급하고 나섰지만 성주 …

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The 20 photographs of the week

The continuing violence in Syria, the Rosetta spacecraft’s final descent, Sam Allardyce leaves the England manager’s job, the ongoing migration crisis – the best photography in news, culture and sport from around the world this week

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Ava DuVernay’s 13th Is a Shocking, Necessary Look at the Link Between Slavery and Mass Incarceration

Ava DuVernay’s 13th Is a Shocking, Necessary Look at the Link Between Slavery and Mass Incarceration

Useful Phrases for Daily Conversations in English - learn English,communication,english

The British Press Photographers’ Association is pleased to announce Assignments 2016 – an exhibition of the very best of British Press Photography over the last twelve months.

studeity: studeity: 17-03-2016 // 8:00pmI’m new to the studyblr community so please forgive me, I’m still trying to find my own aesthetic.


Long Ago Informative Writing & a FREEBIE

Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students will love comparing long ago to today in social studies. So many engaging activities including an interactive past vs present flap book. Perfect also to teach informative writing.