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Insane tower design launches people on an awesome roller coaster loop

”This 328-foot (100-meter) structure wasn't the winner of the Çanakkale Antenna contest, a communications tower that will be built in Çanakkale, Turkey. This makes me sad because it looks like a lot more fun to me, even if those glass pods wouldn't move through that loop at roller coaster speeds.”

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The Montjuïc Communications Tower, popularly known as Torre Calatrava and Torre Telefónica, is a telecommunication tower in the Montjuïc neighborhood of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

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Façade detail of anodised aluminium panels with a strong geometrical fold on the 30 storey Communications Tower (one of two linked buildings known as ‘Guy’s Tower’ of Guy’s & St Thomas’ teaching hospital, London. Architects: Penoyre & Prasad

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Seoul (서울특별시)

Namsan Tower, Seoul SHARE YOUR TRAVEL EXPERIENCE ON! Be a #tripmiller!

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