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Credit card points make you think you're winning, but studies show you spend more with plastic than you do with cash. 07.02.14

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This. If I actually had a credit card company that let you add your own picture, I would do this.

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Entrepreneur Magazine - Yukai Du

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" Dymond Enterprises Investment Company, LLC , offers a unparalleled leverage business opportunity alliance. As a result of our commitment, passion and dedication to become a quality leader, service leader, technology leader and value-added leader in all areas of resourceful communications. We pride ourselves on demonstrating and delivering outstanding service, savings and value for clients, customers, not-for-profits and commercial business owners across North America and Canada." We own...

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What to Look for in Your First Credit Card

When you're choosing your first credit card there are several things you should look for. Get it right from the start with these tips.

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FREE INFORMATION and in this 70 plus page report you will learn • where and how to get good credit • how to STOP a foreclosure . How reporting company's work and how to maximize your score. Where get a low interest loans and avoiding harassment from creditors. Even if you already have good a score these tips will ensure you keep your credit that way. If you do not then learn how to rebuild your credit so you never get a bad score again. GET FREE INFO. from…

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