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Such an incredible picture - Major Dick Winters, Captain Lewis Nixon & Lieutenant Harry Welsh, Austria, 1945

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Dick winters served in a company of heroes but he was and is a great american hero

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10 WWII Heroes: Richard Winters 8/10

10 WWII Heroes: Richard Winters ~ Easy Company / Band of Brothers

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10 WWII Heroes: Richard Winters 8/10

Easy Company / Band of Brothers ~ Members of Easy Company ~~ Photo taken in England, June 5, 1944 (day before D-Day).

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Company of Heroes 2 Platinum Edition - PC Game -

The real Band of Brothers: Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, US 101st Airborne Division

Since Gatsby lost all his money that he inherited from his family in the war his dream of being with Daisy is shattered forever.He even mentions trying to die during the war , but is given a medal for his bravery and another chance to get Daisy back.

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Llega el juego Company of Heroes 2 para PC Y Mac. Company of Heroes 2 es un juego de estrategia, basado en la guerra y que permite varios jugadores en linea

Company of Heroes 2 PC Games Gameplay

Carwood Lipton, Don Malarkey, and Richard Winters at Skip Muck’s grave.

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December, 1944, three members of Division Signal Company, 101st Airborne Division pose with another of the town signs, on the road coming-in from the northwest perimeter. This was taken right across the street from the Belgian Army barracks', where General McAuliffe established his divisional C.P. and where he made the classic 'Nuts' reply to the German demand for surrender. The stone wall at right is the edge of the town cemetery, and a comparison of this shot can still be made.

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