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Comparing Texts on the Same Topic Task Cards

16 sets of paired passages (32 informational passages total) to help students compare texts on the same topic or event. Each card includes two passages with an overall main idea and also an individual focus to each passage.$


Paired Texts: Fiction to Fiction 3rd - 5th Grade

Paired Texts targets reading comprehension with two different texts, (both fiction) on the same themed topic. This 82 page paired text packet has 8 passages (4 sets of paired texts) including folktales from around the world which give students practice with compare and contrast, theme, and more! There are vocabulary practice pages, and double sided paired text worksheets to refer to both texts. Plus 3 writing prompts (narrative, expository and persuasive) for each set. (TpT Resource)


Compare and Contrast Two Texts on the Same Topic: Practice and Assessment

Includes one test, one practice page, and 4 sets of reading passages that can be used to practice comparing and contrasting non-fiction texts (2 passages on Grizzly Bears, 2 passages on Polar Bears, 2 passages on Montana, and 2 passages on Cheetahs). Also, I've just uploaded anchor charts (vocab, key questions, how-to) to go with this standard at my store "jframe".


This brief, fun animation helps explain how to Compare and Contrast two texts - a key learning objective of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English language arts.


Fun Lesson for Reading Standard 9 {freebie!!} and Workshop Wednesday Topic!

Freebie and Lesson Idea for comparing two texts (Vulture Verses and Animals Nobody Loves) and integrating information from both (Common Core Reading Standard 9)


This worksheet can be used for students to compare and contrasts stories they read. 5th grade reading standard 5: Compare and contrast the overall structure (e.g., chronology, comparison, cause/effect, problem/solution) of events, ideas, concepts, or information in two or more texts.


Do your students need practice comparing two stories? Well this graphic organizer is an easy way to help them focus on comparing the characters, settings, plots, and themes of two stories. The graphic organizer aligns with Common Core Standard RL.3.9 but can easily be used with other grade levels and grade appropriate text. Thanks for downloading! Wendy


Compare Contrast Two or More Texts NonFiction Graphic Organizers