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Your event on social media - some tips how to manage this sphere. #event #socialmedia

Your event on social media - some tips how to manage this sphere. #event #socialmedia


Complex event processing (CEP) technology is being increasingly adopted in various industry sectors driven by growing need for management and analytical capabilities for high amount of data emerging from operations. The key players in this market include Cisco Systems, Inc., EMC Corp., ClearPriority SA, Fujitsu Ltd., Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., IBM Corp., Microsoft Corp., Oracle Corp., Red Hat, Inc., among others.

Links to podcast - Comparing Complex Event Processing and Stream Computing - Why Should You Care? Length 17:06

Family nights are a great way to bring in the community. Get your parents involved in learning about the things your kids are working on every day! Here is the process I follow when I plan a family night for any content area (literacy, math, etc.)


Business Intelligence @شركة اشارات #businessintelligence What Is Business Intelligence? BI refers to techniques used to identity, extract, and analyze business data to get organizations an in-depth view of their business operations. Techniques include: online analytical processing, statistical anatytics, #datamining, process mining. complex event processing, business performance management, #benchmarking, textual #datamining #predictiveanatytics


High School and Middle School English: focus on the process and use revision stations to do so. Read about how I use them in my classroom.

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Events in Instruction- Event #4

Events in Instruction. Event #4: Presenting stimulating material #InstructionalDesign


Improve Your Eating Habits With 5 Infographics on Nutrition | Blog


50 Multi-Step Directions for Speech Therapy Practice (This is something my son is working on in Speech, but I can also do it at home)


An elevator speech or "pitch" is a short, succinct, but well planned speech you give to an employer upon first meeting him/her. It should be no longer than the length of time of an average elevator ride.