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The Lunar Amulet for Ceremonies of Intention™- A Tribute to the New Moon, featuring natural solid perfumes inside black onyx perfume locket

The Lunar Amulet for ceremonies of intention features a series of twelve artisan perfumes to welcome each new moon. This brass locket, adorned with a faceted black onyx to emulate the new moon, includes a removable tray of botanical perfume inside. Each new 2g solid perfume will be a unique composition from one to the next, with just enough to last through the moon cycle. Every 29 days you will receive a new perfume to celebrate the new moon approaching. Each new moon provides a strong…

Exquisitely Crafted Avalokitesvara Brass Brooch

Handcrafted brooch makes a classic and a bold statement. Red finish Avalokitesvara sites on an intricate brass backdrop. The natural properties and composition of organic materials define the unique beauty of each piece. Though our photography tends


Chevron Metal Wall Candle Holder

Brass, crumpled and given a warm antique finish, randomly fill a clean, chevron grid of silvery iron, creating a dynamic composition of…

Turner Art Deco Table Lamp

Turner table is simply a head turner. Inspired by Tina Turner's dance moves it has an art deco shape with the possibility of rotating its arcs into the desired position so that you can create your favorite composition whenever you want. The arcs are made in brass with a copper finish and the top cover in aluminum lacquered in cream white.


The”Whole Face Ophthalmophantome” was an instructional device used circa 1900 by ophthalmology students to hone their surgical skills. The adjustable model consists of a black painted composition mask on brass linkage with adjustable clamps mounted to a round iron base. Two spring mounted brass eyeholders with pincers would hold pig eyes for future ophthalmologists to practice their craft before operating on human patients.

Trailblazer : Bring an earthy aesthetic to the dining room with this updated, mid-century modern sideboard. The interesting, contrasting patterns of the wood grains of the Olive Ash Burl and Longwood veneers come together to create a sleek yet natural composition, with a handsome Brushed Antique Brass metal base.


Machined Brass Bolt Pen • Selectism

Brass | 真鍮 | Latón | Shinchū | латунь | Laiton | Messing | Metal | Colour | Texture | Pattern | Style | Design | Composition | Photography | pen


Symphony Cabinet Exclusive Furniture

Inspired by the movement of music, the Symphony is a modern cabinet polished in brass that seeks to stir emotion much like a classic composition.


Pierced Bronze Moroccan Pendant Lamp

This lamp is an eye-catcher. It's a lovely juxtaposition of Milkglass and brass with a nice mid century composition. It will be easy to hang as it's not very heavy.


MercurysMoon-Lovely Little Antique French Hair Reliquary -Three Plumes of Hair Like Feathers in Bombe Glass & Ebony Frame

This is such a darling little French antique from the end of the 1800s. Inside an ebony oval frame with a brass slip & beneath the lovely domed glass are three gorgeous plumes of hair in most graceful feather shapes. These pieces of hair art were very popular as both memorials & love tokens & display beautifully.. The frame, the glass & the hair composition are in wonderful condition & it is a very collectable piece. Theres an attached loop to hang this piece on the wall. The measurements…