New roofing.. Soon to be completed 4-6 weeks it should be completed. Chose a dark roof (second one up bottom right) similar color. ~$17k for a ~1500 sq. ft. home. Did not use this company lol - just wanted picture of roof shingles.

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Oooh - I want a Sage Tile roof for our Moroccan-Style house!! - Synthetic Spanish Mission Roof Tiles

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Say No to Moss: Tuck a strip of zinc beneath the ridge shingles at the top of every roofline on your house. You'll need to sneak in a nail every couple of feet; make sure shingles cover the nails. A zinc strip is a long-term solution for controlling moss, algae, and fungus growth. Every time it rains, the metal strip leaches away small amounts of fungistats, which kill the fungus and keep the shingles looking their best.

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How to lay a composition roof and how to cover space around flue.

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Composition Roof Maintenance: Moss and Debris Removal.

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