Tata commercializing an air-powered car. Tata successfully demonstrated compressed air engines in its vehicles, and will work with MDI to bring this technology to market. (CNET Reviews The Car Tech blog) May 17, 2012 4:35pm PDT)

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Air engine (compressed air) in cars and motor (normal and motor racing). - FreeSangha - Buddhist Forum

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HALO five cylinder radial runs on compressed air or steam but looks like an internal combustion engine - Kit Form

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Hybrid air, full hybrid compressed air car engine

The Tata AirPod is a city car running on compressed air (as well as a battery-powered electric motor). The ease of converting air into an energy source using simple compressors means charging stations can be placed anywhere, and they require no provisioning — no trucks delivering gas, ethanol, or hydrogen — and they produce no emissions, just discharge of the air. The AirPod can run 125mi (200k) at a top speed between 28 to 43mph (45 to 70kph).

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The TV presenter Jem Stansfield modified this small moped to function on compressed air stored in two high pressure carbon fiber tanks, like the ones that the firefighters use. The engine has been replaced by two rotary air engines. The two tanks can be fully charged in a matter of seconds from any air compressor. This compressed air bike can go about 8 miles, reach a speed of 18mph (about 30km/h).

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With the Cactus Airflow 2L, Citroen thinks it's found a way to bring the cost of hybrid technology down to earth using nothing but air. Based on a

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2013 Geneva auto show... Peugeot unveiled a hybrid system using a 1.2-liter three cylinder gasoline engine and a hydraulic motor to drive the front wheels. Braking energy is captured and stored as compressed air in a tank. The HybridAir can be driven solely on compressed air power, gasoline, or both. When the system has enough compressed air stored in its tank, it will automatically use it for acceleration or to drive the car, shutting down the gasoline engine in the latter case.

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