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Cambridge Mobile Computer Cart, Black and Silver

I'm saving to buy a new computer, I want one of those "all in one" desktops, and a desk similar to this for pulling it up to the couch so I can proof and watch tv at the same time :)

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Orion Computer Cart, Cherry and Black

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Single Flat Screen Computer Cart

Versa Single Flat Screen Computer Cart

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Laptop Station from a Raskog cart. I was thinking of doing this since I don't have a desk of my own, or room for one. On top of that I would love being able to move it from place to place. I'm thinking 2, one for laptop, and action, and one for books, papers, calendars, ect... a complete mobile office for me :) I love seeing that someone else made it work!

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Mobile Computer Cart/Desk in Black

Work more efficiently and save space with the compact Altra Sheldon Mobile Computer Desk. Designed with 4 casters on the bottom, this Desk is conveniently sized to let you easily move your work space

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Kenchikukagu Mobile Furniture

Kenchikukagu Mobile Furniture - kitchen cart but modify it as a computer workstation

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heart 240 | DIY Studio-3142 | This is a computer cart I built for tethered shooting. It has a velcro strip on the side to hold cables and hooks for a lightmeter and the remote for the studio lights. The HDMI cable connects a large monitor. The shelf is for the camera while I'm adjusting something.

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Classic Good Looks... The Art Deco Inspired 'Roost Florin BrassBar Cart'

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Digital STEM Challenges

STEM goes digital with these fun and engaging design challenges. 10 websites and 90 challenges perfect for grades 3 and up. If you are in a paperless classroom or 1:1 with laptops or Chromebooks then these are ideal for you, but can also be used during computer lab time or with the laptop cart.

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