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Earthtubes (earthtubing) are a most highly recommended low-tech, sustainable, non-electric, zero-energy, geothermal passive solar heating and solar cooling system. Earth tubes can be non-electric or with small fan assist

I honestly hate it when ppl go to concerts and instead of watching their idol live ike they paid for, they are still watching through a screen .. pisses me off sooo much

5 Mind-Blowing Custom Computers You Never Knew Existed - Specs: Looking within the glowing desk, you'll find 10TB of storage and a Core i7 processor that can be overclocked to 4.5GHz+. Oh, and Peter says the entire thing is silent as a mouse thanks to its water-cooled system and 17 fans. Jeebus! Peter even tossed in a three-monitor set-up to make this thing a regular Batman command center. - TechEBlog


Bjork - Vulnicura [Vinyl New]

Zalman Z11 Plus Tower PC Gaming Computer Case - Modified Purple LED Fan Edition

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Como ingresar tu identificación en las redes sociales

6 consejos para crear una página de Facebook de empresa. #Infografía #FanPage #CommunityManager

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Preview ALL Your Fonts At The Same Time

Preview ALL your fonts at the SAME TIME with the help of It's quick and easy to see all the fonts you have installed on your computer at once!