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Build Your Own Computer Activity

Your students are going to love learning about the parts of a computer while building their own on paper! These little laptops turn out so adorable you can't resist smiling when you see the finished products. In addition to the lift-the-flaps laptop, there is a matching page with definitions of the computer parts for a little added academics.

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Keyboard Shortcuts for PC

Bright attractive display to support your technology lessons. Includes 16 headers with common keyboard shortcuts for PC users. $

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Question flags for computer labs! Using speech bubbles, Popsicle sticks, Velcro, and hot glue, these question flags velcro'd to the side of the monitor help to ease the anxiety of student questions in the computer lab. When students have a question, they turn their flag up. Once their question is answered or they figure it out, flag goes down. Also, helps teacher gage how well students are grasping the lesson by how many flags are up. This has really helped my classroom management!

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Every school year I start my 4th and 5th grade classes with a unit about online research. I know there are some great "kid-friendly" search engines out there, and we do discuss them, but I think all students should know how to successfully use google.

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I should put a bulletin board up like this in a certain person's office...especially the caption at the bottom!!

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"What's your cursor saying?" bulletin board for a technology classroom or computer lab. Teaches the basics and provides a reminder! #teachnology

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How to Pass the Google Certified Educator Exams (12 Tips!)

How to Pass the Google Certified Educator Exams: Who set a goal to become a Google Certified Educator in 2017? Becoming a Google Certified Educator can be intimidating and confusing. The program has grown, evolved, and changed over the last couple years. So to be sure you have the most accurate information, and that you know what to expect, I have put together these twelve tips to help you pass the Google Certified Educator Exams. These tips may seem simple at first glance, but be sure that…

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