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This is a complete guide on malware, spyware and phishing. Module 4 also covers specifically malware and phishing.

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CompTIA A+ Training / Exam Tip - What is a Computer Worm? For more information to Become Certified for CompTIA A+ Please Repin and Check out :

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Richard Scarry wrote great books for kids....anyway my grand kids surely liked them.

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Robot Designed to Help Earth Plants Grow on Mars

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I am so glad I grew up in the 90's... I have a 8 year old who has iPhone 6plus & 2 year old who has iPad. ( yes learning games help) but damn what happened to riding your bike, roller skating, babies, sitting in front porch?!?!? Miss growing up in the 90's..

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Narcissists are very hard to recover from. Why? Because they do not care about anyone but themselves. So anything they did or said to hurt you, they will never apologize for, as normal people do, so the victim still hurts & there is no closure, so they are left with so many questions but will never have the answers. Therefore, the only way (if you are lucky enough to get out of it) is to MOVE ON, try your damnedest to realize everything I mentioned & have NO CONTACT.

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Gold Windows XP SP3 2016 + Drivers By Computer Worm -